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Please send me an e-mail if you have any questions, would like to work together on a project or if you are interested in selling my toys (in your shop or at your fair). You will be able to buy my toys through Etsy (I post items to any country so contact me if your location is not available on the listing of your choice), but I am considering offering them on this website at a later stage. Please contact me at info@chickmakesdick.com .

About Chick Makes Dick
Chick Makes Dick is a one-woman project I started in 2016. I am interested in larger adult toys and couldn’t really find what I was looking for.  I’ve always enjoyed  making things so I thought, `Why not make them myself?’. Reading a lot about silicone, mould making techniques and researching where I could buy the materials showed me that with some financial investment, I could get the material to get started so I decided to go for it! I was able to create a functional toy on my first try which was a great motivation to continue this endeavour and I have since made several different desings and casts. I learned a great deal with every master, mould and cast I made. After experimenting and making different designs, I now am confident I can offer customers high quality adult toys made of platinum cured silicone.

A little bit about me
My background is a mix of a little bit of art and a lot of university education. I spent a year in art school where I studied fashion design. The first year of the degree was quite broad so in addition to fashion/costume courses I also followed courses on illustration, painting, working in 2D and 3D, live drawing, art history and photography. I had a good time and learned a great deal but missed more academic education since I had been interested in medical biology for years and at the end of high school, I had been torn between art and science. I quit art school and started my undergraduate degree in biomedical sciences. After obtaining my Bachelor’s degree, I enrolled in a Master’s programme and obtained my MSc. in Medical Biology two years later. I then spent a year abroad where I worked on two research projects before starting PhD research in Chemistry.

Throughout my university education I have tried to keep working on creative past times so I kept designing and making costumes but also worked on my illustration and painting skills and did a bit of photography and modelling. I thrive by working with my hands: at the end of the day being able to see what my effort has brought me. I enjoy doing a multitude of things and I like to have a tangible result of all my efforts. I hope that via Chick Makes Dick I can satisfy a demand of fellow size queens and quality-toy enthusiasts and have fun while doing this!