Toys (info)

Handmade silicone adult toys
Silicone is an expensive material and the toys are all made by me here in the UK on a small scale. Naturally a toy I make will cost more than the average toy you buy at a shop or from a large on-line retailer. However, these toys should last you a long time if taken care of properly, and they are in shapes/sizes you won’t find anywhere else as they are all designed by me.

All toys are made in my work room in a smoke-free and pet-free house. I make fabric storage pouches that can be purchased separately on Etsy (I only sell one if you buy a toy from me too; I will make the pouch to fit the toy you bought). I use platinum-cured silicone for the toys as well as the moulds. The silicone for the toys is of 10A shore hardness: firm enough not to compress too much but not so hard that use is uncomfortable. I sometimes use silicone of other firmness too and the firmness will always be mentioned in each listing on Etsy.

Please take a look at the photos below of some of the designs I’ve made so far with a 330 ml soda can for scale.

Custom made toys
At this point, I do not offer custom made toys (where a toy is designed from idea to final product) since this is very expensive. If you do have an idea, you are of course more than welcome to e-mail me with it, and I can keep this in mind when designing a new toy.

Custom colours
I frequently offer custom colour(s) of my toys. Please look for the listings for custom colour(s) in my Etsy shop:

Use, Storage & Cleaning
Silicone can gather dust/lint when in storage so it’s advised to wash a toy with water and a mild soap before use. After use, I use a mild handsoap and warm water to wash the toy making sure any nooks and crannies are thoroughly cleaned too and allow the toy to dry by air before storing it. If you want to clean a toy more rigorously, it is possible to boil the toy for a few minutes in water (make sure the toy doesn’t touch the pot) or to use a 10% bleach solution to wash the toy. Always make sure to thoroughly rinse the toy after having washed it with soap or a bleach solution using plenty of clean water.

Always use a lubricant that is compatible with your toys. The consensus seems to be that silicone lubricants might damage silicone toys, so these lubes are best avoided with silicone toys. Remember that condoms can not reliably be used with all lubes either (depending on material) so you need to think which lubes to use in what setting.

A fabric storage pouch can be purchased when you buy a toy from me so the toy will stay clean during storage. Toys made of PVC, TPE/TPR, rubber, jelly and other material mixtures might degrade over time (you may have noticed this as ‘melting’ or ‘sweating’) and this can affect other toys that are stored in the same bag/box. It is best if you store toys made of more inert materials like silicone, stainless steel, glass and ceramic away from toys made of PVC, TPE/TPR, jelly and material mixtures (I would recommend to have two separate storage boxes/containers). I have no experience with (treated) wood or stone so am not able to give advice about their storage in relation to other toys.

Considerations when ordering
I can post anywhere so please contact me if your location is not mentioned on the Etsy listing.

Toys are posted in plain packaging without logo, URL or images on the box so you do not have to worry about people handling the mail or your mail room to know what you ordered. Please consider re-using this packaging when you’ve received your toy. You will not receive any mail apart from a purchase you made (so NO catalogues/folders/leaflets).

Due to the nature of these toys, I can not accept returns, refunds or an exchange. If you are unhappy with your purchase, please get in touch so we can see if we can solve this together. Please make sure you check the measurements carefully before making your purchase. Some of the toys I offer are very large. Only you can know what size you can handle so make sure you order something you can comfortably handle or something that is a nice but realistic challenge for you. These toys do make nice mantle pieces/doorstoppers but that’s not nearly as satisfying as being able to use it for pleasure, so order wisely!

The listed price on Etsy includes packaging (for sending by mail) but it does not include postage (how much this is will depend on your location; I am based in the UK) and it does NOT include potential customs/import taxes/tariffs/duty or any other costs that do not have to do with my end of the agreement. So the price of the toy is for the toy + cardboard packaging for postage. On top of that, you pay for the postage to your location. It is your responsibility to pay me the costs for the toy and costs for its postage to you. When I have sent your purchase to you, I have fulfilled my responsibility to you. In case it is needed, I will describe your purchase as a `silicone sculpture’ on any notice/sticker/form when posting. It is your responsibility to find out if it is legal for you to buy, receive, import and own/posess the item you would like to buy from me and to make sure you are of the legal age to do so in your region.

If the product you purchased is illegal to receive/import/own in your country (either completely banned or banned for people under a certain age and you are not old enough yet) and it is seized, this is not my fault. If you have to pay customs/import taxes/duty/tariffs or any other costs, you are responsible for paying these. If you decide not to pay them, you will not receive your product; please make sure you check your country’s/region’s rules and regulations before you purchase to prevent disappointment.